Gesstion de Vulnerabilidad

Vulnerability Management

Before cybercriminals gain access to and modify or destroy confidential information, it is always best to proactively fix URGENT security problems.

Vulnerability management is an ongoing IT process consisting of the identification, assessment, and correction of vulnerabilities in an organization's information systems and applications.

Beyond vulnerability assessment, it categorizes assets and classifies vulnerabilities according to risk level, protecting critical IT infrastructures against security breaches

A vulnerability management program contributes to compliance with industry standards, such as ISO 27001.

In establishments that manage credit card data, payment card industry (PCI) regulations require the development and maintenance of secure systems and applications as part of the vulnerability management program.


Intrusion Test

With more than 10 years of experience in conducting penetration testing exercises in transactional environments, we identify security flaws before cybercriminals do. We have personnel with experience in conducting intrusion tests that comply with the requirements of the PCI standards.


  • Phase I: Information collection tests
  • Phase II: Vulnerability analysis test
  • Phase III: Intrusion tests (PenTest)
  • Phase IV: Technical Report
  • Phase V: Re-test (Phase II)
  • Phase VI: Technical/executive report
Test de Intrusión
Cumplimiento PCI DSS

Social Engineering

It is a set of techniques that cybercriminals use to trick unsuspecting users into sending them confidential data, infecting their computers with malware, or opening links to infected sites.

PCI vulnerabilities compliance scan

In alliance with the company Qualys (ASV), we provide the service for the evaluation of vulnerabilities with the most complete and updated knowledge base of vulnerabilities in the industry.

Qualys s a certified vendor as ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) by the PCI SSC.

WAS: Web Application Scanning, website structure discovery, identifies OWASP10 based web application vulnerabilities (SQL injection, XSS etc.) identification of confidential information exposed to the public by the web page.

Infrastructure vulnerabilities scan

Scanning for security vulnerabilities is something you should do regularly to ensure that your information and applications remain secure.

A vulnerability scan is an automated process that scans elements of a network, application, or device to look for security flaws.

VM: Vulnerability Management, vulnerability scanning, scheduled reports, ticket system, application inventory, port and service inventory.

POLICY COMPLIANCE: It allows for the automatic configuration policy scan of system components such as operating systems, perimeter and network security equipment, etc. The tool has templates for compliance with regulations such as ISO, COBIT, PCI DSS.

CERTIFICATE INVENTORY: It keeps control of digital certificates by carrying out the inventory, expiration and technical characteristics. It is a free service for certified companies that are exposed to the Internet

Scan de vulnerabilidad,  infraestructura

Before cyber criminals have access and
modify or destroy your confidential information